"Wheezal Alfa Drink" A Refreshing and Rejuvenating Drink

Wheezals Alfa Drink is a delicious homeopathic drink with therapeutic values. It contains Alfalfa with Brahmi which is excellent for general and mental fatigue, it also alleviates disorders of malnutrition, corrects tissue waste & increases quality and quantity of milk in nursing mothers.While alcoholic extract of brahmi containing alkaloid & bhramine being a cardiac tonic, tones up the heart.

Introduction: In summer Wheezals Alfa Drink is ideal for quenching thirst and guarding against heat stroke. This recipe may be added as sugar syrup in cold water, milk shake, lassi, ice cream, ice ball & pudding as per one’s taste or as prescribed by the physician.

INGREDIENTS: Wheezal’s Alfa Drink contains homeopathic herbs like Alfalfa Q , Nat mur. Brahmi Q. Alcoholic

DOSAGE: Take 2-3 spoons of Wheezal’s Alfa Drink and mix it with cold water, milk or even ice cream.

SIZE: 700 ml


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