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Ganesh Moola Lehiyam
Vignesh Pharma Ganesh Moola Lehiyam
Sale priceRs. 140.00
Karunai Kilangu Lehiyam
Solaimalai Karunai Kilangu Lehiyam
Sale priceFrom Rs. 140.00
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Mahil Avarampoo Tea
Gaytarin Tablets
Anuloma Ds Tablet
Chundaivattral Chooranam
SKM Chundaivattral Chooranam
Sale priceRs. 99.00
Avarai Kudineer Chooranam
SKM Avarai Kudineer Chooranam
Sale priceRs. 190.00
Naththai Churi Chooranam
SKM Naththai Churi Chooranam
Sale priceRs. 220.00
Piles Curb CapsulesPiles Curb Capsules
CSP Piles Curb Capsules
Sale priceRs. 144.00
Pilogems Cream
Fort Herbals Pilogems Cream
Sale priceRs. 70.00
Arogh - Care for the Heart
Rumi Herbal Arogh - Care for the Heart
Sale priceFrom Rs. 200.00
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Kaadikkara Kalimbu
Solaimalai Kaadikkara Kalimbu
Sale priceRs. 90.00
Pilogems Capsules
Fort Herbals Pilogems Capsules
Sale priceRs. 50.00
Karunai LegiyamKarunai Legiyam
SKM Karunai Legiyam
Sale priceRs. 220.00
Karunai Lehyam
Zigma Karunai Lehyam
Sale priceFrom Rs. 90.00
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Madhumega Kudineer Chooranam
SKM Madhumega Kudineer Chooranam
Sale priceRs. 145.00
VKS Raja Kalpajeevanthi
Sale priceFrom Rs. 140.00
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Hemheal Ointment
Imis Hemheal Ointment
Sale priceRs. 115.00
RaniKalpam Ghee Form
Linga Chendooram
SKM Linga Chendooram
Sale priceRs. 380.00
Diarun Plus - Diabetics Controller
Sagar Pharmaceuticals Goranchi
Sale priceFrom Rs. 50.00
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Hermorid Capsule
Satthiyas Drugs Hemorid Capsule
Sale priceRs. 75.00

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