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Vilva - Digestion Enhancer
Rumi Herbal Vilva - Digestion Enhancer
Sale priceFrom Rs. 125.00
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Ushba - Body Coolant
Rumi Herbal Ushba - Body Coolant
Sale priceFrom Rs. 225.00
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Amla - Immunity Booster
Rumi Herbal Amla - Immunity Booster
Sale priceFrom Rs. 230.00
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Rumi Herbal GLODENT
Sale priceRs. 120.00
Herbomalt - Protein Pack
Rumi Herbal Herbomalt - Protein Pack
Sale priceFrom Rs. 80.00
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Shikar Shampoo
Rumi Herbal Shikar Shampoo
Sale priceRs. 300.00
Meni Soap
Rumi Herbal Meni Amla Soap
Sale priceRs. 42.00
Rumi Herbal Hairtone
Sale priceRs. 215.00
Arogh - Care for the Heart
Rumi Herbal Arogh - Care for the Heart
Sale priceFrom Rs. 200.00
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Allovir Soap
Rumi Herbal Allovir Soap
Sale priceRs. 50.00
Diarun Plus - Diabetics Controller
Asmano - Asthmatic Care
Rumi Herbal Asmano - Asthmatic Care
Sale priceRs. 230.00
Rumi Herbal Urito
Sale priceRs. 265.00
Rumi Herbal Nervinex
Sale priceRs. 255.00
Rumi Herbal Vasaka
Sale priceFrom Rs. 170.00
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Jeerna - Stabilizes digestion
Rumi Herbal Haemogain
Sale priceRs. 195.00
Fair On
Rumi Herbal Fair On
Sale priceRs. 110.00
Azhi Sandalwood Soap
Rumi Herbal Azhi Sandalwood Soap
Sale priceRs. 50.00
Avera - Tea for Diabetics
Rumi Herbal Avera - Tea for Diabetics
Sale priceFrom Rs. 120.00
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Rumi Herbal MoolCafe
Sale priceRs. 150.00
Constino - Constipation relief
Megni Oil
Rumi Herbal Megni Oil
Sale priceFrom Rs. 180.00
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Spirulina - Natural Protien Supplement

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