Free your body from synthetic chemicals, Bath Traditionally! with SKM Kuliyal Chooranam

Kuliyal Chooranam 

Kuliyal chooranam gives complexion and thejas to the skin. Can be used as bathing powder in Thole noigal (skin disease),bad odour of body, itching. 

  • Acts as natural scrub
  • Refreshes the body and mind
  • Preserves skin nature and texture
  • Excellent deodorant
  • Protects the skin from infections
  • Prevents itching of the skin
  • Free from synthetic chemicals

Key Ingredients 


Powerful anti-bacterial, good effect against skin infections


Moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Anti-oxidant. Provides good complexion to skin. Anti-depressant. controls wrinkles,dark spots.

Kichili Kilangu

Deodorant, Skin restorative.


Body Conditioner, removes bad odour due to sweating.


Anti-bacterial & Anti-Fungal


Deodorant, improves the soft texture of skin

Kasthuri manjal

Facilitates brighter skin complexion. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory. Prevents acne and other skin diseases.

Kasa Kasa

Soothing effect, coolant


Removes the dryness of skin. stabilizes oil secretions of skin.



For external use as a bathing powder (or) as directed by the physician

Order now & Bath traditionally for healthy skin

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