Health Benefits Of Juicing Herbs

Herbal juices are not a drug but a natural health supplement and botanical extracts that work synergistically to help balance and strengthen the body. Juicing a variety of leafy greens and herbs is important for our overall health – especially when it comes to juicing and blending on a regular basis. Every vegetable and fruit has its own nutritional and chemical signature. For example, a pineapple has a different chemical structure than an orange, and a carrot has a different chemical make-up than a radish – the list goes on and on.

  • Arugampul Juice - Purifies blood
  • Tender Coconut - gives youth and bliss
  • Banana Stem juice - Removes stones in stomach
  • White Pumkin juice - Removes wound and ulcer
  • Vallarai juice - Removes nerves problems
  • Vilvam Juice - Cures all diseases 
  • Coriander leaf juice - Cures all diseases
  • Mint leaf juice - Cures hiccough
  • Amla juice - Gives beauty
  • Tulsi juice - Cures cold and leathery
  • Musumusukai juice - Stops running nose
  • Agathi juice - Cures constipation
  • Kadukkai juice - Improves ur complexion
  • Mudakkatan juice Cures pains in the joints
  • Kalyana Murungai juice - Certainly reduce the weight
  • Thuthuvalai juice - Cures cold and sneezing
  • Adathoda juice - Cures asthma
  • Karisalanganni juice - Improves eyesight 


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