Keep your child free of worms with Baksons Worm C tablets Freedom from Worms "Effective and Safe deworming formulation"

Bakson Worm C Tablets is an effective and safe deworming formulation which helps; Relieve pain abdomen, itching of anus and nose. Relieves Diarrhoea / constipation. Corrects altered appetite. Provides natural vermifuge action without any side effects.

It acts without producing any side effects or dependency that is seen with conventional medicines. Its regular use helps build immunity of children so that they don't fall prey to worms again.

Ingredients– Bakson Worm C Tablets Contains: Cuprum oxydatum nigrum 1x, Santonium 3x, Chelone glabra, Filix mas.

Dosage-Adults: 2 tabs 1 times a day. Children above 5 yrs: 1 tab 2 times a day. Below 5 yrs: 1 tab, once a day. Or as prescribed by the physician.

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