How to remove Warts & Corns with homeopathic medicines?

People having Warts try to remove by picking it with finger nails, wrapping it in a duct tape, rubber bands etc but this is ill advised since homeopathy offers an easy and natural way without any painful consequences. Homeopathic medicines acts as a natural remedy since it not only removes warts but acts as deterrent  from reoccurring.Know more and buy online in this article…

Warts and Corns are a common occurrence and is often neglected or removed in ways by which there is a chance of recurrence. While various measures such as electrodesiccation etc are possible, the chances of recurrence are not uncommon and in some cases are exceedingly high.

What to do when you have warts?

As it is a contagious disease, it can quickly spread to other parts of your body or infect your near and dear ones at home, so you have to observe caution and take following precautionary steps

  1. Do not try to rub the wart with any household article like utensil. Use separate towels and do not mix your clothes
  2. Do not try to cut or puncture the wart with any sharp objects or try to burn it. Do not use duct tapes or wrap in rubber bands as is commonly believed.
  3. Keep your hands & feet dry and use shower wear like flip-flops when in a group/community bathing
  4. If the wart changes its color or if you are having a medical condition like sugar (diabetes) or HIV then you should consult a doctor immediately

How does Homeopathy remove warts?

Homeopathy not only wipes out warts but also addresses the internal cause, the root which makes the patient susceptible to it. Therefore homeopathic treatment  not only looks at the pathological condition but focuses on the patient’s emotional and mental aspects too. So it considers a hierarchy of symptoms and the mind-body connect which is termed as miasmatic tendency is often taken into account in the treatment process. The homeopath selects a remedy that strengthens the patients immunity and removes the susceptibility to viral infection. People who undergo homeopathic treatment to remove warts also find additional benefits like better sleep, renewed energy, and disappearance of other associated symptoms.

1.Medisynth Wartex cream is a dermatologist or physician’s answer to treat warts and corns in a Safe, Effective, Painless and Easy way without causing any scars or marks as an after effect. It is very important that a Medisynth Wartex forte Pills should be concomitantly taken for best results.

2. Bakson Thuja Ointment is indicated in the cases of Warts and Corns,Overgrowth’s of skin like Polyps and Tubercles.

3.Wartol cream from Bangalore Bio Plasgens is a homeopathy medicine for warts. It is indicated for treating all kinds of warts and corns. Safe and effective Homeopathic remedy for getting rid of warts.

4. zigma corn foot cream

Corn Foot Cream- A radical remedy for the removal of corns, because it is not a cosmetic, but a medicinal product. Under its action there is an active softening of the calluses on the legs, it appears softening, anti-inflammatory effect, activated regeneration of tissues is started. 


Munish Chand Sharma

Munish Chand Sharma

I have very thicker size warts please let me know the best medicine to remove the same without pain



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