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Composition Mercurius solubilis 3X Borax 3X Kali chloricum 3X Hydrastis canadensis 3X Action of ingredients: Mercurius solubilis- Ulcers on the gums, tongue, throat, inside of the cheek, with profuse salivation. Borax- Aphthous sore mouth. Kalium chloricum- Most acute ulcerative and follicular stomatitis. It has long been used in the old school, in solution, as a wash for sore mouth and for foul ulcers. Hydrastis Canadensis - Stomatitis, with simple ulceration of the buccal mucous membrane.

Indications: • Ulcers inside the lips, cheek & below the tongue • Burning, stinging blisters on the tongue & oral cavity • Pain on touch and from chewing • Ulcers bleed on touch & eating • Painful gum-boil • Foetid odour from mouth • Increased salivation

Point to remember: • The ingredient Kali chloricum which is most important constituent. It has been used since olden days as a wash for sore mouth and foul ulcers.This ingredient makes the product a sure shot for all types of mouth ulcer.

Mouth ulcer also known as Aphthous ulcers. • Starts in childhood or adolescence & seem to get better in 40s.Common in women prior to menstruation. • Round, painful sores inside the mouth. Causative factors • Biting the tongue or cheek lining by mistake • Eating hot food • A sharp broken tooth • Wearing badly-fitting dentures • Certain drugs • Tooth brushing and eating especially spicy or salty foods can increase the pain • Recurrent mouth ulcers may be due to inherited tendency or due to deficiency of iron, folate or vitamin B12 • A mouth ulcer can be cancerous. A cancerous ulcer does not heal, and is more common in older people, especially long-term smokers and drinkers. Prevention • Maintaining oral hygiene • Including fresh fruits&vegetables, iron, milk in the diet • Avoiding too hot food & drinks

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