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Omeo Guatteria Gaumeri

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GUATTERIA GAUMERI A homoeopathic speciality product for Hypercholesterolaemia

Composition: Guatteria gaumeri ф Alcohol content 65%v/v Indications Hypercholesterolaemia Literature reference: Beneficial effects have also been recorded for hypercholesterolemia. The active constituents are largely unknown with exception of calcium oxalate, alpha-asaron and a number of other aromatic substances. -VermulenF.Synoptic Materia Medica. The reduction observed in the hypercholesterolemia patients (who took Guatteria Gaumeri bark extract) corresponded to 17.94 % of the initial values. This can be considered a good therapeutic effect, as the most accepted criterion of the effectiveness of a cholesterol- lowering drug is a decrease of at least 15%of the initial values

The word cholesterol is derived from the word ‘chole’ meaning bile and ‘stereos’ meaning solid, stiff. It is a lipid produced by the liver. It is a waxy steroid and is transported in the blood stream. Functions of cholesterol Cholesterol is naturally present in our body in order to provide the below mentioned functions – 1. It builds & maintains the cell membrane 2. Essential for determining which molecules can pass into the cell and which can not. 3. Involved in production of various hormones such as those released by adrenal glands, androgens, oestrogens. 4. Aids in the production of bile 5. Converts sunlight to vitamin D. 6. Important for the metabolism of fat soluble vitamins. 7. Insulates nerve fibres.

Transportation of cholesterol Cholesterol exists in the blood stream in the form of lipoproteins (compound which contains both fat & protein).It is of 3 types- Low Density Lipoprotein-This type of lipoprotein is usually considered as the bad cholesterol. It usually carries cholesterol from the liver to the cells and is mostly considered as a risk factor for many cardiovascular diseases. High Density Lipoprotein – This type of cholesterol is usually considered as good cholesterol. Experts usually believe that high density lipoproteins take away the cholesterol from the cells back to the liver and further it is either broken down or is expelled as waste. Triglycerides – These are the chemical form of fat which exist in our body & as well as in our food/energy sources. They are usually present in blood plasma but if they combine with the cholesterol then they form plasma lipids. Who is at risk? Check the levels of cholesterol by just doing a simple blood test – • Desirable range – less than 200mg/dl • Borderline high -200 to 239 mg/dl • High – 240mg /dl and above

What if the cholesterol level increases? If the cholesterol level increases in blood it can lead to the following conditions- • Atherosclerosis • Coronary heart diseases • Heart attack • Angina • Stroke & mini-stroke

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