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Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which a person has a high blood sugar (glucose) level as a result of the body either not producing enough insulin, or because body cells do not properly respond to the insulin that is produced. The types of diabetes are: 1. Type 1 diabetes results from the body's failure to produce insulin, and presently requires the person to inject insulin. 2. Type 2 diabetes results from insulin resistence, a condition in which cells fail to use insulin properly, sometimes combined with an absolute insulin deficiency. The classical symptoms ofDiabetes mellitus are 1. Polyuria (frequent urination), 2. Polydipsia (increased thirst) 3. Polyphagia (increased hunger). Blood tests Levels for Diagnosis of Diabetes and Prediabetes.

Condition HBA1C(%) Fasting Plasma Glucose (mg/dL) Oral Glocose Tolerance Test (mg/dL)
Diabetes 6.5 or above 126 or above 200 or above
Prediabetes 5.7 to 6.4 100 to 125 140 to 199
Normal About 5 99 or Below 139 or below

Mg=milligram, dL=deciliter. For all three tests, within the prediabetic range, the higher the test result, the greater the risk of diabetes. OMEODIABETESDROPS Composition: Crataegus oxyancantha Ø 12.5%v/v Abroma Augusta Ø 12.5 %v/v Acidumphosphoricum Ø 12.5%v/v Syzygium jambolanum Ø 12.5%v/v Cephalandra indica Ø 12.5%v/v Gymnema sylvestre Ø 12.5%v/v Helonias dioica Ø 12.5%v/v Excipients q.s. Alcohol content 51%v/v Indication: As advised by the physician.

Actions of ingredients: • Abroma Augusta: It is excellent remedy where urine is loaded with sugar and high specific gravity. • Acidum phosphoricum: Ravenous hunger, excessive thirst, Copious and frequent micturation. • Syzygium jambolanum: No other remedy causes is so marked degree the diminution and disappearance of sugar in urine. • Cephalandra incica: Dryness of mouth with great thirst for large quantity of water at a time. Sugar killer-excellent medicine. • Gymnema sylvestre: Glycosuria with increased frequency of micturation. • Helonias dioica: Urine-Albiminous, phosphatic profuse and clear, saccharine.

Points to remember: Helonias is an important medicine, which are being studied by the various organizations for the effect of diabetes.

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