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Omeo Constipation

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MEO CONSTIPATION TABLETS A Homoeopathic Specialty Product for Constipation. Indication: Constipation or as advised by the physician.

Composition: Each tablet of 250 mg contains: Bryonia Alba 2x Hyrastis candensis 2x Illicum anisatum 3X Senna 1X Excipients q.s. to one tablet. Action of ingredients: Bryonia Alba: Hyrastis candensis: Illicum anisatum: Senna:

Points to remember: 1. Important ingredients: • Senna- Laxative. Purgative. Excellent remedy for colic in infants with incarcerated flatulence & sleeplessness. • Illicum anisatum -Laxative. Relieves flatulence

Constipation is a condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels, usually associated with hardened faeces. The most common causes of constipation: 1) Lack of fiber in the diet 2) Physical inactivity 3) Medications 4) Milk 5) Irritable bowel syndrome 6) Pregnancy 7) Aging 8) Changes in routine 9) Overuse of laxatives 10) Not going to the toilet when needed 11) Not drinking enough water 12) Problems with the colon or rectum-Tumors can compress or restrict the passages and cause constipation. Also, scar tissue, diverticulosis, and abnormal narrowing of the colon or rectum, known as colorectal stricture.

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