Mayana Thailam

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Directions for usage: External application only. To be applied externally in the affected part in certain types of chronic ailments.

Indications : Andavayu (scrotal swellings), Paarisa vadham (paralysis), Vali (neuralgic pain), keelvayu (arthritis), Amavadham/ Elumbudasai narambugalil erpadum vayu m (rheumatism), Kuzhandhaigalin isivu (tetanus/convulsions of children), Veekkam (swellings), Raththam vazhiym vettukayam (bleeding wounds/cuts), Vidhaiveekkam (orchitis), Aankurithalarchchi (atony of penis), Penkurithalarchchi (atony of vagina), Narambu thalarchchi (nervous debility), Kaikaal sorvu (asthenia of hand and foot) etc. Also in (Narithalaivadham), (Sannivadham), Sannipatham (typhoid)

Presentation : 30 ml. Generel Instruction:

Do not give hot water fomentation

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