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Trichup Tablet is composed of potent Ayurvedic hair tonic herbs like Bhringraj, Amalaki, Yashtimadhu etc. that provide essential nutrition to hair and makes it beautiful and healthy. It improves micro circulation in the scalp tissues and stimulates repair of damaged hair follicle. It ensures natural boost for hair growth with all safety.

Salient features of Trichup Tablet

  • Provides essential nutrition to hair roots
  • Stimulates repair of hair follicles thus enhances natural hair growth
  • Helps to control hair fall
  • Helps to prevent premature graying of hair

Dosage - After Food, Morning & Night one tablet.

Shigaa Anti Lice & dandruff Hair Oil

  • Result in 48 hours
  • Shake well before use
  • Can be used as normal coconut oil
  • Apply oil on your hair roots and massage well.
  • No need of compulsory bathing & coimbing.
  • Get rid of lice by using continuously for one week.
  • Get rid of dandruff by using continuously for two weeks.

Fourrts HairGro Shampoo

Fourrts Hairgro Shampoo has multi action properties - it eradicates head lice, removes dandruff, scabies and ring worms.

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