Fourrts Gum Forte Gel

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A homeopathic tooth paste in gel form; indicated for stronger teeth and healthy gums, which helps to prevent treat tooth decay, caries, pyorrhoea, gingivitis, toothache and holitosis (bad breath). 

It gives a lasting freshness & stronger healthier teeth.  It is a medicated tooth paste which supports healthy teeth and gums. It helps to remove tooth plaque, controls bleeding, relieves swelling & sensitiveness of teeth & gums. Guards against common gums inflammation and bleeding, tooth decay. Makes the gums tissues healthy,


  • Helps to fight germs and bad breath. Tighten gums and strengthen teeth. Bleeding of gums. Toothache and decay of teeth.
  • Helps to cure Dental neuralgia, pyorrhoea and gingivitis.
  • Bad breath and is also suitable for gums and teeth sensitive to hot and cold drinks. 


  • Kreosotum Q:  Gums painful, dark red or blue; teeth decay as soon as they come is relieved with this remedy. Teeth show dark peeks and begin to decay as soon as they appear.
  • Plantago Major : he neuralgic pains of teeth, a remedy for toothache, gumboil, gum abscess,Plantago lessens the pain from a toothache, pain that goes into ears or eyes.Pain unbearably severe, boring digging in sound teeth, Aching in decayed teeth.
  • Calendula: has healing and anti septic properties.


 Brush twice daily especially after food.

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