Dr. Wellmans Anti Tox Drop

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About  Dr. Wellmans Anti Tox Drop 

This homoeopathic tonic simply reduces the toxic. Additionally it acts as an antidote drug to reduce the toxicity generated by other allied strong medications.

Indication of Anti Tox Drop 

To Reduce craving for alcohol and tobacco. 

Composition of Anti Tox Drop :

Strychininum Nit 3D: Helps to remove the craving for alcohol.

Avena Sat Q: Nerve tremors of the aged. Sleeplessness, especially of alcoholics. Helps to reduce bad effects of Morphine habit.  Strength of hand diminished with nervous headache. 

Querecus Gland Spiritus 2D:  Antidotes effects of Alcohol. Takes away craving for alcoholics.

Kalmegh Q: It is a hepatobiliary stimulant and removes all the toxic effects on liver and helps in liver disorders.

Caladium 3D: Modifies craving for tobacco. Confused headache with pain in shoulder, pressure in eyes and forehead; extremely sensitive to noise, throbbing in ear. Breathing complaints leading to loss of sleep.

Daphne Indica 2D: Craving for tobacco. Burning in stomach is relieved with help of this medicine.

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