Trichup Nutri Shine Hair Serum

Gift your hair velvety smoothness, exceptional conditioning and long-lasting luster with Trichup Hair Serum — Nutri Shine. Infused with nutrient-rich oils of Argan, Olive and Wheatgerm, this non-greasy formula instantly adsorbs onto your hair giving stunning shine, while also helping to eliminate frizz, split ends and breakage.

Hair serums are meant for treating and preparing hair before using heat on your hair.  They help prevent your hair from breakages.  Hair serums tends to coat your hair to give smooth and shiny hair instantly


Olive oil can rapidly smooth the ends of hair that may be split from damage or weak hair. It improves appearance and shine, while also adding volume and making it smoother.

Argan Oil is the perfect way to tame flyaway, frizzy hair, even when it’s dry. It is also effective in hair care, giving freshness and shine to dry hair.

Wheat germ oil is very nourishing to hair, as it is a rich source of omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A, E, and D as well as plenty of antioxidants. It rebuilds & repairs damaged hair & split ends. Its adds softness and moisture to hair.


Spread evenly a small amount on the entire length of your towel-dried or dry hair and comb as usal, Do not rinse off immediately. Avoid using serum on your scalp. Suitable for all hair types.


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