Restoring night cream, Awaken everyday looking like a “Kumari”
Seven Benefits of Aloe Kumari- Restoring Night Cream: 
  • Moisturising : Retains moisture and hydrates skin
  • Emollient : Softens skin for supple skin
  • Revitalize : Restores skin health & lustre
  • Radiance : Lightens skin tone and glow
  • Anti-wrinkle : Smoothens wrinkles
  • Exfoliation : Enhances new cell generation
  • Re-firming : Improves skin elasticity & texture



Aloe Vera (50%) - Honey - Shea Butter - Tomato (Lycopene) - Apple - Neem - Wheat Germ Oil - Rosemary

Aloe Vera (50%): For centuries it has been known as the 'Nature's wonder' for skin care. It is known in Sanskrit as 'Kumari' as its use endowed the skin the qualities of youthful glow and freshness. It is an excellent moisturiser and a reputed skin softener.

Honey: Since the ancient ages it has been used in beauty treatment to promote healing, to clarify the skin and as a moisturiser. Honey adds glow to aging skin.

Tomato: It is an excellent antioxidant & gives natural protection from the sun. Lycopene the wonder extract in tomato is an excellent antioxidant that rejuvenates the aging skin.

Apple: Lightens skin tone and has anti-aging properties

Neem: Ayurvedic literature regards it as "Twacha rasayana" - an herb that is excellent for the skin. Neem has a purifying and clarifying effect.

Wheat Germ Oil: A rich source of Vitamin-E. Therefore it helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, prevent the appearance of age spots and maintains the skin's oil balance. 

Rosemary: Rosemary has supreme skin regenerative and wound healing properties.



Before retiring to sleep wash your face with warm water and gentle soap (Recommended: Aloe Face Wash) pat the skin dry and immediately apply Aloe Kumari. Spread the cream gently and massage for a minute and leave it on and retire. Wash your face only with warm water the first thing in the morning and go about your chores.


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