NEERI - Natural Kidney Function Toner
Resolves and Dissolves Urinary Stones & Infections
Neeri is a poly-herbal Ayurvedic proprietary formulation to normalize the deviated functioning of kidneys either due to metabolism or due to chronic infection or due to any other cause. Neeri by virtue of multi-mechanism from synergistic actions fulfills all the objectives for corrective and preventive management of urinary problems from small itching or burning sensation in urination to the chaotic or turbid urine with occult blood with painful conditions. Neeri is also helpful to the elderly males having dribbling or uncomfortable or painful condition during micturition; thereby Neeri tends “Resolves & Dissolves Urinary Problems”.
  • Normalizes urinary pH and alleviates burning during urination
  • Relieves pain & inflammation by inhibiting release of their mediators, soothes irritated bladder
  • Powerfully combats against common urinary pathogensinhibiting DNA synthesis or promoting membranolytic activity
  • Restores homeostasis of electrolytes, acid-base and water balance exerting balanced diuresis
  • Acts an adjuvant in chronic or recurrent UTI, Killing even the resistant strains of bacteria with the help of unique vital herbal concentration and combination .
  • Inhibits the accumulation, deposition and super saturation of salts in urinary media thereby prevents the further formation of stones and helps in spontaneous flushing of stones.
  • Provides citrates & biomolecules for healthier & clear urine formation
  • Acts potent anti-oxidant & rejuvenative thereby acts nephron-protective
  • Reduces residual urine quantity and improves the tonicity of urinary bladder particularly in atony condition due to surgery or ageing.
Salient Features of Neeri
  • Relieves symptoms of UTI within few minutes
  • Soothes Urinary Tract and regulates Urinary pH
  • A natural Lithotriptic acting Multi-dimensionally
  • Helps prevent Recurrence in UTI & Urinary Stones
  • Acts as Nephroprotective
  • Reduces complications in Prostatic Enlargement

Key Ingredients of Neeri

  • Daruharidra
  • Pashanbhed
  • Punernava
  • Palash
  • Varun
  • Sahdevi
  • Apamarga
  • Gokhru
  • Shilajeet Sudh
  • Lajjalu
  • Yavakshar
  • Mooli
  • Sheetal Chini
  • Saindha Namak
  • Ikshu
  • Kultha
  • Makoya
  • Chharilla
  • Samunder Namak
  • Aak

Indications for Neeri

  • Calculi, Recurrent Calculi
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  • Recurrent UTI
  • Dribbling & Burning during Mituration
  • Urine with Occult Blood
  • Painful Urination (Dysuria)
  • Benign Proatate Hyperplasia (BPH)


Dosage of Neeri

  • Adults:

    Tablets: 2 tablets thrice a day

    Syrup: 2 teaspoonful twice a day

    • Children (6-12 yrs.): 

      Tablets: 1 tablet twice a day

      Syrup: 1 teaspoonful thrice a day

      Continue the treatment for 1 – 3 months till complete relief.

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