Get Answers to Your Allergy Problems With Ayurveda

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Get Answers to Your Allergy Problems with Ayurveda

Allergies are irritating and cause a lot of discomforts. They can occur during seasonal changes, due to pollen, dirt, or any such allergen. Pollution, weather changes, and stress are some of the common problems that can worsen allergic conditions in people. When the allergen comes in contact with the body, it aggravates one or more of the Doshas (functional energies of the body). This aggravation can cause the symptoms of an allergy-like itching, sneezing, running nose, wheezing, and breathing problems. Conventional medicines for allergies only treat the symptoms. The root cause is the vitiation of Doshas. Ayurveda helps in dealing with allergies in a holistic way. Histantin is an Ayurvedic medicine for allergy that can effectively help to deal with this condition.

Allergies – the Ayurvedic perspective

When the digestive fire in the body (known as Agni) becomes weak, it causes toxins to accumulate in the body. These toxins affect the working of the body. A non-maintenance of the Doshas like Vata, Pitta, and Kapha aggravates the condition. When allergens enter the body, the body is able to expel them from the body naturally. But toxins weaken the immune system. As a result, the immune system is not able to fight against allergic reactions. When this continues for a long time, the allergy becomes a chronic condition.

Allergies can affect the skin causing itching, rashes, swelling, and bumps on the skin surface. Commonly, allergies cause rhinitis leading to nasal blockage, runny nose, mucus accumulation, wheezing, and other such conditions. Cold weather can worsen this situation. Allergies to food is another common problem that causes stomach upsets. It can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. The symptoms of the allergy would depend on which Dosha is aggravated the most. Ayurvedic medicine like Histantin helps to balance vitiated Doshas and helps maintain normal health.

Histantin for Allergies

Histantin is an Ayurvedic medicine for skin allergy that offers help in a holistic way for allergies. This Ayurvedic medicine for allergic rhinitis can be helpful to deal with the symptoms of rhinitis. The Dosha aggravated can be helped to balance by taking this supplement. This helps in addressing the problem of allergies at the root. While conventional medicines only treat the symptoms, Histantin helps in maintaining the proper proportion of Doshas in the body, which helps to maintain overall health.

Histantin is made from Ayurvedic herbs that help in managing symptoms of allergies. There are no chemicals used to make this product. There are no steroids that can harm the working of the immune system. When you take conventional anti-allergic medicines, they sedate the body causing sleepiness. Histantin has no such side effects. This Ayurvedic medicine for allergy including food allergy has no colours or fragrances added to them.

Benefits of Histantin Tablet

Histantin tablet is an effective Ayurvedic medicine that helps to treat various types of allergies. The tablets offer many benefits to patients. Some of these benefits include:

  • It is an Ayurvedic medicine for skin allergy itching as well. People who frequently get itching and rashes due to allergens can get help through this supplement.
  • It is a powerful Ayurvedic medicine for cold allergy as well and helps to manage colds caused by allergies. Symptoms like sneezing and nasal problems can be helped taken care of using this medicine. Colds that are worsened during the winter season or that occur due to seasonal changes can be helped taken care of using this medication.
  • Histantin tablets help to reduce toxins and help maintain imbalances in the Doshas of the body. This is a natural way of dealing with health problems. This approach helps maintain the strength of the immune system. The immune system will be able to handle allergies naturally. It helps to control the release of histamines and thus help reduce allergic symptoms.
  • It helps maintain respiratory health and naturally helps manage problems like asthma.
  • It helps in ensuring balance in mucus secretions of the upper respiratory system.


Ingredients and their benefits

The ingredients of Histantin include:

  1. Vamsalochanam (Bambusa arundinacea): This is an Ayurvedic herb that is used to help maintain the respiratory system. When allergies cause cold, sneezing, wheezing, and breathing problems this herb can help in managing the symptoms.

  2. Bhunimba (Andrographis paniculata): This is one of the powerful Ayurvedic herbs that helps maintain skin health. It helps manage skin problems and skin allergy symptoms. It helps in maintaining good blood circulation and blood purification.

  3. Prapunnada (Cassia tora): This Ayurvedic ingredient is made from the dried seed of the Cassia plant. It is antioxidant and antiseptic in nature. This is helpful in dealing with allergies, especially skin allergies.

  4. Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi): This is an Ayurvedic herb that helps during itching. It helps to maintain all the three Doshas. It is helpful in maintaining skin health.

  5. Nagakesara (Mesua ferrera): This is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that is anti-toxic in nature. It is anti-inflammatory and helps manage inflammation, swelling, and other conditions caused by allergies.


How to use Histantin tablets?

Histantin tablets are to be taken after consuming food. The dosage of this tablet is two tablets at a time or as advised by the Ayurvedic physician. The tablets are to be taken two or three times a day. Regularly taking these tablets help with allergic conditions. 



Histantin tablets are helpful in managing all kinds of allergies. Allergies occur because of weak immunity and imbalance in the body’s energies. Histantin helps to restore balance and helps strengthen immunity. This makes this Ayurvedic supplement very effective. As it does not have chemical ingredients, it is usually safe to consume. You can buy this product online by visiting the e-store of Kerala Ayurveda. The leading Ayurvedic medicine offers quality Ayurvedic products that represent the goodness of nature. The tablets will be delivered to your home and you can start taking them to help manage your allergy conditions.




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