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SESA Mud Hair Spa Kit

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SESA Mud Hair Spa Kit - 3 Step Therapy for Silky, Shiny & Healthy Hair 

  • It is a revolutionary and innovative Spa Kit as it can be done in just 15 minutes.
  • It has goodness of Mud which removes excess oil and dirt leaving hair silky and smooth naturally.
  • It is easy to use which can be done at home.
  • First Indian brand to introduce Hair Spa at home Kit.
  • Most Affordable price.
  • Ideal for unisex use.
  • 3 Step Therapy for Silky, Shiny & Healthy Hair.


STEP 1 : SESA Therapeutic Hair Shampoo
SESA Ayurvedic Shampoo is not a mere cosmetic or toiletry preparation but an Ayurvedic medicinally effective formula contains Bhringraj, Triphala, Mehandi, Jati & Yashtimadhu, a curative and preventive therapy of scalp and hair disorders like itchy scalp, dandruff & infections.

Benefits : Helps to clean greasy scalp & hair. Makes hair soft, shiny & lustrous.

Direction for use : Massage shampoo gently on wet hair & scalp. Rinse off after 3-4 minutes. use 2-3 times a week or as directed by the physician.


STEP 2 : SESA Deep Nourishing Mud Hair Masque
SESA Hair Masque is specifically formulated with natural nutrients that augment nourishment to hair body and restore hair health. It contains Kaolin with absorbent properties that make it a unique ingredient for oily hair. It helps drying, and make hair more receptive to absorb powerful nutrients of Strawberries and Almond oil to protect hair cells.

Benefits : SESA Hair Masque makes the hair silky-soft, tangle free, bouncy, conditioned and manageable. Vital nutrients found in Strawberries and Almond oil are beneficial to protect cell membrances, strengthen the hair, to reduce dandruff & fine tune the problem of split ends. This intensive antioxidant-rich treatment helps to renew the vibrancy to brittle, dry & damaged hair.

Direction for use : Gently massage washed and towel dried hair then leave Sesa Mud Mask for 2-3 minutes and rinse off hair throughly. Do not apply it on scalp. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.


STEP 3 : SESA Revitalizing Hair Serm
SESA Hair Serum is an unique product enriched with Vitamin 'E' which helps make hair shinier and does not allow them to entangle. It protects hair from the damages caused by over exposure to sun, atmospheric pollution and hard water. Vitamin 'E' gives extra nourishment and antioxidant properties helps to protect hair from further damage.

Benefits : SESA Hair Serum provides nourishment to hair, which makes them strong, so they don't break away easily. It also conditions your hair, which makes them healthy, silky and shiny.

Directions for use : Take a few drops of Sesa Hair Repair Serum onto the palm of your hand as per the hair length and apply evenly along the hair length on towel dried hair. Comb Gently. Can be applied on dry hair for intense shine.

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